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Company history 
August 1984: Tianjin CNC Machine Tool Supporting Company
April 2000: Tianjin Furuize Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.
October 2004: Tianjin Furuize Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
May 2012: Expanded production base and established the structure of business department 
A designated enterprise by the Electrical and Mechanical Service Department that engages in the localization of CNC machine refrigeration products;
Enterprise asset reorganization; 
Government capital is withdrawn according to policy; further improve enterprise governance structure; 
Main product series
Oil cooling unit
Water chiller
Cutting fluid cooling machine (pass type)
Cutting fluid cooling machine (immersion type)
Air-cooling cooler
Heat pipe heat exchanger
Electrical cabinet air conditioner
Cooling machine business department: oil cooling unit, water cooling unit, cutting fluid cooling machine
Forced air cooler business department: air cooled chiller, air cooler 
Air-conditioning business department: heat pipe heat exchanger, electrical cabinet air conditioner